Diet Tanpa Olahraga Dapat Dilakukan Untuk Menurunkan Berat Badan

You can eat without exercise. Usually, meals are made by reducing calories and balancing exercise to burn calories. However, for those with health reasons, the exercise to burn calories to go to a diet can be omitted.

If you choose diet without exercise, you really need to see calories. The good news of reducing calories due to diet changes seems to lose weight more effectively than exercise and oralaga. Namun Diet course will help burn more calories with exercise. If you choose a diet without exercise, you are:

Eat more slowly

You must not hurry while eating. Please enjoy each taste. Diet means that the body slowly transmits a signal to the brain and the stomach is full. Once you start overeating your brain will also be easy to signal. This method is considered as a simple meal.

Fat free protein consumption

Protein keeps your appetite and allows you to help you feel longer. Please meet protein needs by consuming dilute protein sources such as tofu, eggs, meat, poultry, meat, dairy products, nuts.

Consumption of healthy snacks

If you want to eat snacks, please choose healthy snacks with less calories. For example, كوب cup of yoghurt, boiled eggs, or nuts. Snacks can help you stay completely until time is the main meal. Your staple food is controlled when you are staple food. The right time for the snack is several hours during the main meal time.

Eat more vegetables

Vegetable fiber and water helps to lose weight. Therefore, fiber and water make you feel more completely with fewer calories than other foods. Each of these substances replaces the calories obtained when eating other foods.

Insufficient sleep

Add nighttime sleeping hours so that the need for adequate rest can help your eating habits. If you add sleeping hours every day, the recorded weight will decrease by about 6 kg. The reason is that adding sleep is to reduce your free time. It is usually used to relax while eating snacks.

Choose a way to cook health

Cooking methods also affect the success of meals. Avoid cooking by fried food using many oils, sauces, or many spices. Food is prepared by steaming and boiling, and bread becomes healthier. If you still need to use oil, please use olive oil or canola oil.
Drink plenty of water

Occasionally thirst is like hunger. Drink plenty of water, as thirst does not turn to hunger and you want to eat. Water provides essential moisturizing body and helps to lose weight without exercising or dieting. The important thing to remember is restricting normal water selection and mixed drinking water with sugar or cream.

Weight control

Please monitor your weight once a week and measure how effective this diet is. Weight loss is normal and safe, 0.5 - 1 kg per week. Do not expect too fast a weight loss as you slowly lose weight to survive in the long term.

Please look for supporters

History with friends who have the same program. Together they have the same aspirations and you will gain support by struggling to diet without feeling light exercise. If you have the friend you achieved best, you can also motivate.


If you manage to reduce your weight according to short-term goals, trust yourself. For example, I will buy the clothes I wanted, massage at the spa, and purchase shoes. It is necessary to remember, but do not give awards in the form of foods, as it may hurt nutritional supplements.

As far as how you know, exercise-free diets are basically simple. In addition, there is also a need for discipline to maximize the results. However, diet with exercise is also important, this process can be shortened and weight can be maintained